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Sabeeta Singh: Blockchain in Education

Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh is the CEO of Cardinal Services LLC, Partner in Blockchain in Education and a University Professor in Houston. Sabeeta’ s Doctorate in Business Administration tackles the issue of Agility and Transformation during Disruption head-on. Sabeeta consults for clients in the space of Strategy and Realignment, Diversity and Empowerment, Agile Transformation and Customer Experience. She also works on the back end of the concepts she implements for her clients through Instructional Design for Higher Education in Policy and Strategy Formulation, Business Decision Modelling, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior. Sabeeta brings over 25 years of international work experience across several sectors in Australia, Asia, North America, Costa Rica, Cuba and The Caribbean. As a Partner in Blockchain in Education, Sabeeta looks after the international growth strategy for the business - Her company focuses on putting academic credentialing on Blockchain. It implements the technology to secure and as a tamper proof method of tracking the academic journey from Kindergarten to University.

Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh

Sabeeta is a STEM champion and has worked with IBM in making education affordable and accessible to rural communities by building Regional Learning Centers and the IBM Center of Innovation to address the industry skills shortages by offering IBM professional certifications within the undergrad programs. Over the period 2016 – 2019 the program upskilled over 5000 graduates and enrolled over 10 000 students in the Regional Learning Centers in Malaysia.

Sabeeta has designed Diversity and Empowerment programs for Industry and Higher Educational Institutes in Australia, Malaysia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom with a commitment to equity and sustained leadership. These programs are deployed across private and public institutions and organizations and tied into employability objectives.

Sabeeta has consulted on the institutional aspect of Educational Reform in terms of: (1) Student Motivation and Engagement (2) Learning designed with Employability Outcomes (3) Education for Lifelong Learning (4) Effective use of Resources (5) Intelligence Accountability (6) High Quality Teaching and Leadership (7) Alignment and Coherence and reducing the Achievement Gaps.

Sabeeta implemented the No Child Left Behind program at North American University and reduced the gaps between Minority and Majority students across the Independent School District in Houston Sabeeta has transformed educational programs in Australia and Malaysia to ensure that activated learning replaces Rote learning in the Instruction Design and delivery. The shift included more conceptual learning concepts embedded in teaching and learning practices which helped over 10 000 students build stronger retention and applied learning skills.

Sabeeta is an advisory board member in areas of Diversity, Empowerment and Educational Reform in South Africa, Nigeria, Adelaide, Queensland, Kuala Lumpur, Trinidad and the United States of America. Sabeeta writes for several Diversity and Empowerment publications and her work is widely published. Sabeeta was a facilitator on the Lead India Conference very recently but has also been a guest speaker and Conference Lead at several conferences across the United States of America.

Sabeeta implemented the Industry Advisory Board at Inti International University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that engaged industry partners to align with the learning outcomes delivered in the various Undergraduate streams and encouraged involvement in identify gaps between program delivery and market skills demanded for various streams. This greatly improved the University’s visibility among employers throughout Malaysia and assisted with graduate employability statistics.

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