Black - The Color of Power, Own our Politics

Black - The Color of Power, Own our Politics

First there was Kanye, next came Diddy! It seems that celebrities are leveraging on their iconic status and big bank rolls to insert themselves into politics today.

In a video uploaded by Revolt TV, Diddy talks about the idea of launching Our Black Party.

Diddy talks Joe Biden, Donald Trump and the launch of a Black Political Party

As I watched music magnate Diddy endorse the Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris alongside “Our Black Party”, he talked about his movement to get Republican Trump out and bring in Biden on a ticket of accountability. There is a responsibility to the Black people in America because Black Lives Matter and representation should be equitable.

It is a common opinion that there is a clear sense of division in America that has the distinct stench of discrimination. Diddy suggested that we are on the brink of a “Race War” if this is not addressed. Diddy makes a strong appeal to the people of America to own their politics and takes ownership of his share of responsibility in creating much awareness of this from the power he holds in the hip-hop / black community. Black has power – use it he suggests.

Although Diddy did not provide any specific example, he talked about how far the current President is willing to take it in the race to divide America.

Change is what we need, according to Diddy and a Biden ticket represents change. On that backdrop Diddy announced that he has partnered with other political parties. Diddy has called for unity in order to succeed and promote, Joe Biden promises; if he makes it into office, he will be addressing the needs of black Americans.

Over the last decades we have seen Diddy has leveraged himself where he serves as a financial backer to launch this political party is possibly going to be his boldest move ever. This bold move is to give the over 40 million Black Americans more choice as well as representation. He believes that having a stand along Black Party will create a difference in having a voice on black interest to address the social, economic and racial issues Black Americans face today.

It is a fact the political parties are not necessarily the drivers of change but it’s the people who make up the party that are the real enablers of change. Diddy is asking Black Americans to mobilize their votes and make sure they own their politics to become part of the narrative.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 11/24/2020


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