Eyes on Our Prize – Kamala Harris

Eyes on Our Prize – Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris.
Photo credit @ Bria Goeller.

The sounds from Bob Dylan echoes in the background, and I am humming and skipping to the lyrics:

“Come gather ‘round, people, wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown And accept it that soon, you’ll be drenched to the bone if your time to you is worth savin’ and you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone …..For the times they are a-changin’.”  — Bob Dylan

Dylan prophesizes about changing times, and Kamala Harris is an ICON of change for colored women everywhere. Technology has certainly been a facilitator for the changes we are seeing in politics today. Instagram, one of the hottest and most accessible tools used in reaching across social media platforms, both domestically and globally was very instrumental in the 2020 election outcomes. Instagram posted a short video in the residuum of the elections showing Kamala Harris in her sweatpants telling Joe Biden, “We did it, Joe!” This generated over 2 million shares and views and far more impressions internationally. How is that for impact?

Brands everywhere showcased Kamala Harris as the definition of the American dream and promoted a kind of movement never seen before from corporate America. While Kamala is only the jump-off, being the first woman in this high-profile position, she proudly proclaimed, we know that she will not be the last, as this is the promise and hope that such as win means for our that society in the new world of American politics.

Let’s take a deep dive into the woman we got to know. With her sparkling personality, sweet charm, infectious smile and colorful presence, Kamala is more than a politician, she is the daughter of a Caribbean-Indo immigrant. She is a wife and mother. She is a woman of substance and SHEEXISTS! She represents a new breed of hope for young girls the world over, an icon for all women, regardless of creed or color.

Kamala Harris appeared larger than life as a triumphant politician on November 12, and she displayed success in every way imaginable. The image of her transitioning from a colored child with ponytails growing up in America to the distinguished politician that brings her A-game every time she steps out is remarkable motivation that as a woman of color in America, I too can dream and achieve what may seem to be impossible. Like Kamala, I too am Caribbean-Indo and came to America as an immigrant but never felt as though I owned my place here. Now that she has broken down those walls, I know that anything is possible, and dreams are made in America.

History has shown us that events inspire progress and people rally around icons for direction. There are a lot of expectations of Kamala in the role she has taken on, and many are hoping for and expecting her to be an agent of positive change. Harris is the hope for America after this era of Trump Presidency.

To young colored girls, she provides inspiration in an almost heroic manner. She is astute, self-reliant, strong and independent, and she is HOPE. She is an example for this generation to follow and promises to not be a political pawn, but a liberator of immigrants, blacks and women. Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States of America will challenge the perception of the “Old Boys’ Club” she has entered. Personally, I dub her the star of my era and the voice of the people – an icon for change.

I compare Kamala to Obama some 12 years ago, and I believe that her fame will resonate with Democrats in the US. Her confidence and legal skills will be a key driver in managing the daunting task of reconciling our divided nation. Make no mistake about it, Harris has succeeded where others like Geraldine Ferraro, Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton have failed, and the fact that she is a woman of color is even more striking. This will undoubtedly be her most powerful and impactful contribution to Americans everywhere.

I imagine the words “Madame Vice President” and I look toward the skies with tears of joy.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 12/08/2020


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