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Hopes & Fears

As I write this article, I embrace December 2020 with hope and optimism for a better 2021 year; but I am also ever mindful of the journey that each of us experienced during 2020. While hinging on the fear of the unknown, I begin humming an old Tevin Campbell song:

“I hope tomorrow will bring a better you, a better me I know that we'll show this world we got more we could be. So you should never give up on your hopes and your dreams. You gotta get up, get out, get into it, get it on to be strong”.

Looking back, we lost a lot in the past nine months. Frankly speaking, I believe many of us may feel that the year 2020 was a lost altogether. So, what can we learn from Tevin Campbell’s song? The second stanza of Tevin’s song is where the message of hope sets in and it goes like this:

“If tomorrow is light in a place where there's none. Then now is the time to have faith in us all. Ya know we're all in this world and we all can belong. We gotta get up, get out, get over it, get it on to be strong”.

It is hard to believe that December is upon us and while it has been a tough year for so many people my heart goes out to those who have lost family members to the Covid-19 Pandemic. From an economic perspective, we may be looking at gloomy days ahead for a large part of the world’s economy; especially those that are heavily dependent on tourism. The hospitality and travel industries have been so hard that it seems recovery is almost a far-fetched dream. Almost as if we were in some kind of nightmare, nations around the world are experiencing record numbers of unemployment which is putting a tremendous amount of strain on families, businesses and the global economy.

Recovery will come but we need to manage our expectations through this long and winding process. China is yet to assume responsibility for its role in the spread of the pandemic and come forward in global governance to assist in the recovery process from a financial standpoint. We must recognize above everything else that our hope should not be material and trust in the spirit that comes not just with Christmas, but from deep within us. It is time to step into our faith and build foundations that will take us pass the harshness and cruelty of the year 2020.

I would like to encourage everyone to end the year strong and fill yourself with hope for what 2021 will bring. Stepping out into the light of faith, it is important that we all look at 2021 as the year of hope, as a brighter tomorrow is on the horizon. We should be thankful that we made it to where we are today despite everything else. We must hope that there are better days ahead of us. One such thing we can be hopeful about is the fact that there are vaccines soon to hit the market that will combat this petulant virus. We know that our bodies are building daily defense mechanisms to help us become immune to the attacks of the Covid-19 strains and we should place our bets on scientific breakthroughs that are on the way even as I write this article.

December, for many around the world, is viewed as the most wonderful time of the year so let us keep with that spirit and not give surrender our joy to a pandemic that has already taken so much away from us over the past year. Some of my fondest childhood memories include Christmas time and the beautiful traditions that we observe in the month of December.

Here are some of the things I am really looking forward to in the year ahead:

  • I hope that 2021 brings new beginnings where we can all be more appreciative of all that we have despite our flaws.
  • I hope that 2021 will show us that we are stronger than we imagined because we survived 2020.
  • I hope that 2021 promises new politics and better global stewardship by our leaders.
  • I hope that we recognize the things that are most important in our lives as we have seen that material things are fickle, but relationships play an important role in helping us through the storm. Let us build strong relationships into 2021.
  • As much as we think about others and community spirit, we must push ourselves to be as innovative as possible to create differences.
  • We will not allow fear to overcome our lives; but live in hope.
  • The powers that be will lead to promote a better quality of life and proper healthcare.
  • 2021 brings more consciousness that addresses how we manage climate change.
  • 2021 creates more reasons for people to go back out to work while caring for those who cannot.
  • In 2021 and beyond, there is fair equity in the law for everyone and that minorities are no longer targeted.
  • Let 2021 bring governance from the ‘bottom up’ so that we dictate the politics and not let our politicians be pawns of their private agendas.
  • Let us hope for continued scientific breakthroughs in 2021 as we combat the Covid-19 pandemic and strive for normalcy.
  • In 2021, we will have few to no natural disasters and we become better prepared to prevent damages to our communities.
  • More than ever, let us hope that Mother Nature is kind to us in 2021.

Being mindful of the above, I am trusting in a 2021 that brings deep understanding that we will continue to live in an imperfect world where accidents will happen but rather than blame, let us work together to create resolutions in a spirit of collaboration. My book, “Collaboration is the New Currency” will be released in December 2020 and throughout the chapters you will learn the secrets of 2020 that has pivoted me to look toward 2021 with eyes that shine because I have found collaborative ways to create value as much as possible in the markets and people I serve.

I would like to wish you and your family a hearty and happy Christmas Holiday and invite you to “look upon the hills, whence cometh your help”. I pray that 2021 is one of happiness, success and recovery for the people of nations everywhere; and that our minds and our hearts are healed as we rebuild and recreate our futures. This is a chance to dream your dreams. We each have a blank canvas called 2021. Let’s paint our future!

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Last modified on Wednesday, 12/23/2020