Founded in truth, Cons 2 Dons magazine is raw, authentic, non fiction, literature.

Our Mission

To enlighten and inspire a generation of ex cons as well as the general public by way of personal but true stories via media, print, mentorship and film.

Our Vision

Shifting cultures by always staying rooted in truth and, facts.

Our Focus

To destigmatize the idea's and the perceptions of what most ex cons are and, are not.

Meet the team

I had the idea for Cons 2 Dons Magazine a decade ago during the nearly 13 years I spent in prison. In 2010, five years before my release, I realized that I had to change my perspective to lead a better life.

Oron Harris
CEO and Founder

Malik Simpson

Jeremey Johnson
Chief Editor

Glen Tate
Artistic Director

Lawana Tate
Research Director

Janelle Harris
Executive Director of Operations

Kenya C. Williams
Administration Contractor

Keegan Sing

Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh
Editor/Marketing Analyst

Dr. Leah Anita Reddig
International Correspondent

Psalmist Jones
Graphic Designer

Green Light
Director of C2D