Oron Harris

Oron Harris

CEO and Founder

Oron Harris was born and raised in New York City by a  hard-working, single mother. While she taught and disciplined him to the best of her ability, his mind and heart were locked and set and before long, the streets had dug its claws deep into his soul. Despite the fact that Oron excelled academically, and learning was fun and intriguing to him, public education was a sore rival for the street academy,  from which he learned quickly and graduated at the top of his class. Ultimately, prisons and institutions were the results of Oron's early decisions; but, his story does not end here. Those same decisions also played a pivotal role in shaping his belief that the only way to economic independence is through entrepreneurship. Today, Oron is the CEO and Founder of CONS2DONS magazine and 24fly apparel. Success, which he describes as “accomplishing that goal that you set out to achieve” is his primary focus today; not just for his own personal gain, but so that he can give back to others in need.

Malik Simpson


Malik, age 54, like many other Black and Latino males in his hood would often play ‘hooky’ during his junior high school years and subsequently got his introduction to the criminal life. As a result, he never attended high school. Consequently, Malik wound up doing three state bids in prison, totaling almost 28yrs. In 2013, shortly before being released from prison, his mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Horrifically, cancer spread to her brain, and his mother passed away just two weeks after his release from prison. Despite the sadness he feels that his mother was unable to live to see him do anything positive with his life, Malik has a newfound determination to leave a legacy that would make her proud. Malik is passionate about mentoring youth as well as older people and is positioning himself to do just that as the CEO of Cons 2 Dons Magazine. His goal is to assist with the personal growth and development of those who have been impacted by the penal system to help them become more self-sufficient.

Jeremy Jonhson

Chief Editor

Jeremy Johnson is an American performing artist and author who has entertained thousands as a multi-genre performing artist on nightclub stages, music festivals, and concert halls in the U.S. and internationally. A graduate of South Carolina State University with a B.A. in English, Jeremy has served for more than thirteen years as an English Teacher for several school systems including Durham Public Schools, Guilford County Schools, and Atlanta Public Schools. Jeremy lives in Atlanta where he enjoys providing life coaching services to aspiring artists.  He is beyond ecstatic about fulfilling his new role as the Chief Editor for the Cons to Dons Brand.

Glen Tate

Artistic Director

Glenn Tate grew up in the tough New York City streets. He was raised by his Queen-Mother who he credits with helping him develop the ability to raise his two amazing sons and three grandchildren. Glen is married to his amazing soulmate and best friend, Lawana King-Tate.   Glen spends a great deal of his time performing Community service and charity work. Presently, he serves as the Artistic Director for Cons 2 Dons Magazine.

Lawana King

Research Director

Lawana King, the oldest of 13 children, is a proud black African-American woman. Lawana’s mother lost her battle with cancer at age 4o, and as a result, she was forced to grow up very quickly and assume the role of caregiver for her younger siblings. Today, Lawana is married to her best friend and soulmate Glen Tate and is a mother of five amazing children. She is the happiest she has ever been and derives much of this happiness from performing charity work and community service. She serves as the Research Director for the Cons 2 Dons Brand.

Janelle Harris

Executive Director of Operations

Janelle is the Founder and CEO of SHE EXIST, a stellar mental health corporation that motivates women to take control of their lives and businesses.  She derives much of her drive for success from her grandparents who demonstrated love and compassion for their church members, neighbors, and community. Through the years, she and the director of Operations for Cons 2 Dons Magazine has made an impact in her community by opening her home as a shelter to troubled, broken, and less fortunate women. While in her care, she used her God-given talents to motivate and instill survival skills in many of these women. Janelle serves as the Executive Director of Operations for Cons 2 Dons Magazine.

Kenya C Williams

Administration Contractor

Rev. Kenya C. Williams, affectionately known as Agent of Love, is an extraordinary and inspirational servant leader, who embodies the nature of love by transforming the lives of those she encounters. She is the Founder, C.E.O. of Grace Girls LLC, Kenya C. Williams Ministries, In the Midst Intercessory Prayer Ministries, and the growing international podcast, Being Love in Action, which currently has over 7,300 followers and is available on Podbean App, Apple iTunes, and IHeart Radio. A unique and diverse enterprise, Grace Girls, LLC is one company with two divisions, Professional Services & Philanthropic Efforts. The Professional Services division offers premier virtual administrative office support, assisting its clients with special projects or short-term goals on an as-needed basis. The Philanthropic Efforts division is the embodiment of her faith and passion. It is the heart of the company, a reflection of her commitment to serving others, and its core foundation is based on the principle of “Love.”  Kenya C. Williams is the true essence of what it means to be a "Grace Girl," and she is proud to serve in her role as Administration Contractor for the Cons2Dons Brand.

Keegan Singh


Keegan Singh is an up and coming musician and writer/editor. He was born and raised on the small island of Trinidad and Tobago and since the age of 8, had the privilege of living in different parts of the world following his family around the globe. Keegan constantly had to adjust himself to different cultures and societies. Being from an island with an estimated 1 million people, he’d always been the “outcast” in countries with bigger populations and different cultures than his own. "It can take a toll on you mentally when you have to constantly try and find new ways to fit into a new society,"  Keegan says. Today, Keegan serves as a contributing writer and editor to Cons2Dons Magazine.

Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh

Editor/Marketing Analyst

Sabeeta Bidasie-Singh is the CEO of Cardinal Services LLC, Partner in Health Blockchain Security and Services (HCISS), and a University Professor in Houston. Sabeeta has a doctorate in Business Administration and uses her expertise in this field to tackle issues of Agility and Transformation during Disruption head-on. Sabeeta consults for clients in the space of Strategy and Realignment, Diversity and Empowerment, Agile Transformation, and Customer Experience. She also works on the back end of the concepts she implements for her clients through instructional design for higher education in policy and strategy formulation, business decision modeling, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. Sabeeta brings over 25 years of international work experience across a number of sectors; including Australia, Asia, North America, Costa Rica, Cuba, and The Caribbean. As a Partner in Health Blockchain Security Services (HCISS), Sabeeta looks after the international growth strategy for the business - HCISS is a technology company that offers Future Security for the health of Blockchain Networks. Sabeeta serves as an editor and marketing analyst for Cons 2 Dons Magazine.

Dr. Leah Anita Reddig

International Correspondent

Dr. Leah Anita Reddig is a visionary, innovator, and dynamic, international speaker, transitional life coach, and a blessed mother of two (Serita Taffi Aoko, 13, and Israel Darrel Gabino, 11).  Additionally, she is an author and has written 3 books, Who Are You, Love Of God, and Strength.  She is also a co-author of the book, Stepping into Our Territory. Dr. Reddig was honored to speak at the virtual summit WHEN REAL MEN SPEAK in 2020, in which eminent changes to rebuild back the communities and nations after the COVID-19 pandemic was the focus. Dr. Leah Anita Reddig is an international leader for SHE EXIST with her show WHO ARE YOU SHOW that airs live every Thursday and Friday evening. The show focuses on bringing great minds together to motivate and empower people on strategies and ways to become better versions of themselves and maximizing their potential by understanding WHO THEY ARE.  She serves as an international correspondent for Cons 2 Dons Magazine.