Germany Prison Population and It‘s Systems.

Germany Prisons are solely run by federal states and are governed by federal law. Their aim of prison confinement is to put emphasis on enabling prisoners to lead a socially responsible crime free life. When prisoners are eventually free, and the systems are trying to protect society from the criminals and criminality.

Germanys goals is to provide rehabilitation for prisoners so they can return to society successfully. They provide facilities, and opportunities to grow and rebuild themselves when inmates are doing their sentence. Therefore, many German prisons have the feel of a community in which prisoners are given different freedoms and responsibilities. Here is Germany prisoners have television, posters hanging in their cells, and free time outside of their cells.

The Head offices for state prison services are in the respective state justice ministry. There prison service department controls all the organization of the prison service, personnel matters, basic and advanced training for prison staff, budgets, construction, cooperation in prison service legislation, the employment of prisoners, and vocational training and education for prisoners.

State Justice ministry will also review all the petitions, complaints and its representatives visit. There are inspections of the prisons regularly to ensure its affairs are met and its safe also for the prisoners. German prisons have no mid-level authority anymore as they used to before between the Ministry of Justice and the prisons. The direct contact facilitates decision making and ensures the ministry is close to the life of the prison service.

Year Number in pre-trial/remand imprisonment Percentage of total prison population Pre-trial/remand population rate (per 100,000 of national population)
2000 18,201 22.9% 22
2005 15,459 19.2% 19
2010 10,941 15.2% 13
2015 11,359 17.9% 14
2020 11,851 20.6% 14
Figure 1. prison population diagram from WPB.
°It consists of the number of pre-trial/remand prisoners in the prison population on a single date in the year (or the annual average) and the percentage of the total prison population that pre-trial/remand prisoners constituted on that day.

Please note that the data fluctuates from time to time. Everyday there are changes on who is coming in and who is being released. This information could have changed from the time of submission. Germany also has different forms of prisons e.g. men prison, women prisons, juveniles.

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