Hip Hop Artist, Kg_Morebreesh shoots the breeze with Cons2Dons

Hip Hop Artist, Kg_Morebreesh shoots the breeze with Cons2Dons

As the Year 2020 comes to a rap, we can’t get enough of bringing you interviews about the hottest Indie rap artists with skin in the game.  President of Cons2Dons Music Group and writer, Greenlight, brings C2D readers the 4-1-1 on rising Rap Star, Kg_Morebreesh. Check this ISH out!

Tell our Cons 2 Dons readers your stage name and where you’re from.
Originally I’m from the 90z (East Flatbush) but I moved to da 80z (Canarsie) like 5-6 years ago. So, you know I’m heavy on da OT9xOTF Dis all in Brooklyn btw!

How old were you when you first got into the music scene and what got you started in music?

I actually started rapping as a kid, I got videos to this day being funny in 6th grade, rapping and all. LOL! But I really took it serious around 2014-2015 right before I got locked up. My first video ever did 200k views on YouTube.  You could look it up, “Kevin Garnett- Get Smoked” ft. my brother Suave Bandz. Long Live His Soul! Things like that is what got me continuing.

What were your ambitions when you first started out? What are your goals now?

My ambition before honestly was just to have the clout. I already was a “mixy nigga” so rapping just brought more views. Now it’s bigger den rap I got a family depending on me and because of my brothers who didn’t get to live their full expectations.

Describe your recording process.

I usually come in and eat or I’ll eat before I get there. I mandatorily need the best weed in America, and at least a few cups of demonize beverages (Henny).

Tell us about your current project.

Ok, so this mixtape isn’t just any Blood and Crips aligned! It’s one specific set from us and one from them. We’re tryna make it where all sides can come together but I feel like we at a good start. A lot of people wanna jump on da bandwagon!

What’s Plans Do You Have Musically For 2021?
Off rip, I’m cracking NY off with a Mixtape I been working on with the Jets! Basically, to explain in short words, you got my brothers (Crip), and we are now linked to my boy Payso and his brothers (Blood). So, off rip you already see the type of hype this Mixtape going to bring! It’s called the “JetBlue” Mixtape dropping 1/21/21. As far as the release party, I still have no date.

Besides your own music, what genres and bands do you listen to?

Besides my Cloccs and Jets, I could kinda get into anything that got rhythm. Reggae, soul music shit like that.

How often do you rehearse?

All day. Everyday! I’ll make a new song and it’s stuck in my head to the point if I don’t record it today, I’ll bump the instrumental itself n rap that hit!

What is the largest crowd you have ever performed for?

I’ve actually never done any shows (been locked up most his career), I’m looking forward to it tho!

What is your dream performance venue?

Definitely BET, I’m heavy on the Pro Black!

What are some of your good and bad traits as an artist?

I mean I don’t see any bad traits in my suit besides rushing, maybe. Other than that, once I’m focus, I’ll perform!

Do you have a website or social media?

I’m on YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music , tidal, United masters. Things like that.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from all over! My brother doing his thing in ATL, Airbnb’s are available lol! I can be inspired from a person I don’t know or ever spoken to, it’s the grind that inspires me! It’s feels good to grind n cash out on yourself.

Any encouraging words for our readers? 

Yea , I just advise everybody stay focus. Stay away from sneaky people with more than one motive in ya life! And, you know, wear a mask and everything. LMFAOO!

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