Where You At

Where you at shows the transition of ex convicts from prison to where they are now in their lives after release. Positive inspirations and affirmations that 'there is life after prison' let's do this, let's show the world that 'we are not the sum of our mistakes but rather the success of our challenges.

Oron Harris. Founder/Creator of Cons2Dons
Oron and Brother. "Al hamdu Allah 2012 me & my zawja." N.C Prison. 2011
Oron and wife
Malik 12 yrs 8 months 6 days 8 hrs and 32 seconds.
Malik wants those 32 seconds to be known because he says; those 32 seconds were overtime and NYS now owes him.

Sala 8yrs 8 months N.C

Sala 8yrs 8 months N.C

Shotyme 2 year NYS (Federal)

Home/ Hmob, Hhmg, Cons2dons Artist.

Denise - Last served 9 years.

Denise - 23 years all over the Carlifonia prison system.

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